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Environmental Law Research Guide: International Environmental Law Resources

Use this guide to access the best resources available for environmental law research.

Getting Started with International Environmental Research

The following two Guides to the basics of International Environmental Law research are recommended as starting points:

American Society of International Law  Research Guide to International Environmental Law uses a clear, well-organized narrative format and includes an introduction/overview of international environmental law research, search strategies, and long, descriptive lists of primary and secondary sources The organization is wonderful, the short explanations are great, and the multitude of easy-to-use hyperlinks are perfect.

The GlobaLex Basic Guide to International Environmental Legal Research also uses a clear, well-organized narrative format and includes an introduction, starting points, and key abbreviations. Treaties are  organized  by topic, with links to the web site for each treaty. It includes links and descriptions of  indexes and finding aids for treaty research as well as to the resources for national laws relating to environmental law, suggestions for searching library catalogs, and a great deal more. 


Other sections of this LibGuide, such as Books and Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg Law will be helpful when searching for international environmental law resources. The resources listed below will also be especially helpful. 

WebSites/ELRS for International Environmental Research

VLS's Environmental Law Research Sources (ELRS), a collection of free environmental legal research resources, links to selected web sites for use in  environmental law research. One category, in particular,  is of interest: International Environmental Law, which is divided into the following categories:

1) International Environmental Law Organizations 

        a)  Intergovernmental Bodies

        b) Non-governmental  Organizations

2) Primary International Environmental Sources

3) Environmental Treaties

       a) Individual Treaties 

       b) Treaty Resources

Databases for International Environmental Research

In addition to the databases listed below, always consult Environmental Databases.