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International Law Research: Judicial Decisions

International courts

International courts

International Court of Justice (1946-)  

and its predecessor Permanent Court of International Justice (1922 – 1946)

Criminal tribunals:

International Criminal Court (2004 –)

Yugoslav tribunal,: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (1993 –)

the Rwandan tribunal,  International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (1995 –)

Sierra Leone tribunal, The Special Court for Sierra Leone and The Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone  

Cambodian tribunal:  Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Human rights

European Court of Human Rights (1995 –)

Inter-American Court of Human Rights (1979 –)


WTO Dispute Settlement  (1995 –)

Synoptic chart

The Project on International Courts and Tribunals provides a synoptic chart, which is a compendium of all international judicial bodies, current to November 2004.  At that  time, 16 were functioning.

In addition to courts that are currently active, the chart cites to those 43 institutions that are closed, or that never opened (despite being provided for in treaties), and those that exist but remain in a dormant state.  The chart goes so far as to include courts that were merely proposed, such as the International Court for the Environment.