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Energy Law and Policy Research: Introduction



A quote from Vermont Law and Graduate School's Institute for Energy and the Environment:  

"Nationally and globally we face a rapidly emerging crisis in which environmental, economic, and security concerns are all converging in the field of energy policy."  


Energy law and policy encompasses a wide variety of topics including climate change, water law, food and agriculture law, planning and zoning, hazardous waste, natural resources, sustainability, environmental justice, environmental economics, dispute resolution, etc.


Within the large area of energy law and policy are numerous sub-topics including renewable energy,  hydropower, solar power, nuclear power, fossil fuels, oil and gas, coal, carbon emissions, utility rates, electric policy, energy demand, public utilities, energy efficiency, technologies,transportation, electric vehicles, distributed generation, the Clean Power Plan, a smart electric grid, distributed energy resources, the energy trilemma, energy justice, regulatory frameworks, national energy policy, international energy policy etc.

This Guide aims to assist you in accessing all of this information. 

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