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Energy Law and Policy Research: Electricity Web Sites





Electricity and the Grid Web Sites

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Electricity and the Grid Web Sites, carefully selected by VLS Energy and the Environment student staff and the VLS Environmental Law Librarian. Once at the list,  click on the title of each site for a description of information contained on the site,                                                                                      

 A Sample: 

Title Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Description EPRI conducts research, development, and demonstration work related to electricity generation, delivery, and public use. EPRI’s mission is to advance safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally-responsible electricity for society through global collaboration, thought leadership, and science & technology innovation. Resources: EPRI’s main website features reports, spotlight projects, press releases, and resources related to each main topic (electricity generation, electricity delivery, electricity use, and environmental responsibility. The “EPRI Journal” tab provides access to a wide range of articles, blogposts, videos, software, and reports on everything from Smart Grids to greenhouse gas emissions.


You can also link to the larger topic of  Energy Web Sites, of which Electricity and the Grid is a sub-topic, or  to the entire list of all topics in the VLS Environmental Law Research Sources database.