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Comparative and International Environmental Law Research, Spring 2022: Overview

About this Guide

Comparative law is "the study of the similarities and differences between the laws of two or more countries, or between two or more legal systems. Comparative law is not itself a system of law or a body of rules, but rather a method or approach to legal inquiry." (Berring, How to Find the LawKF240 .C538 1989)

How to Use this Guide

This Guide provides resources for researching foreign, comparative, and international environmental law. Start your research with the Research Strategies and Research Guides pages. These will give you an overview of how to begin. On the Books page, you'll find highlights from our library's book collection and a link to the library catalog JULIEN. Use Subscription Databases to search for law review and journal articles, news, and gateways to constitutions, statutes, and international laws. The hand-picked Free Websites also offers rich information on such topics.