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Cornell Library at Vermont Law & Graduate School

Community Legal Information Center: Self-help Legal Books

A subject matter catalogue of CLIC's self-help legal books that are available to the self-represented litigants and the general public.

Administrative Law

Administrative agencies oversee programs that are designed to provide federal and state benefits to individuals who meet the criteria to receive those benefits. For example, administrative hearings take place to determine an individual's entitlement to social security benefits, veterans' benefits, workers' compensation, or even when a license is revoked. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation, Arbitration, Negotiation

Animal Law (Dogs)


Business Entities (Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, etc.); Business Formation and Termination

Cannabis Law

Civil Court Procedure - Trials and Appeals

Consumer Credit Law

Contract Law

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Prisoner Appeals

Cyber Law - Law of the Internet/Gig Economy/Social Media

Education Law

Elder Law

Employment Law (Employers, Workplace Rights, Family Medical Leave, Discrimination & Harassment, Workers' Compensation, & Independent Contractors)

Entertainment Law (Music, Film, TV, Publishing, Social Media, & Sports)

Family Law - Children (Custody, Care, Parentage, Child Abuse & Neglect)

Family Law (Marriage, Divorce, Cohabitation, Prenuptial Agreements)

Food, Farming and Agriculture

Homeownership (Buying and Selling a Home, Neighbors, Mortgages, Foreclosure, Airbnbs)

Immigration & Citizenship

Intellectual Property - Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks

Land Use Planning (Act 250), Agricultural & Environmental Law

Landlord/Tenant Law

Legal Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Legal Research, How to..

Mental Health & the Law


Nonprofit Organizations


Social Security/Medicare

Special Needs Trusts

Student Loans

Tax Law

Torts (Personal Injury, Negligence,

Wills, Estates, Trusts

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