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Vermont Legal Resources for Civil Matters

This guide is for Vermont residents who are seeking legal assistance with civil legal issues.

Are you looking for legal assistance with a civil (non-criminal) matter?

There are many legal resources available to Vermonters who are dealing with civil legal issues. 

The Community Legal Information Center is always here to help you do your own research on a particular legal issue or question. But, librarians are not permitted to give legal advice. We cannot give you answers to your legal questions.  What we can do is give you resources to help you find the answers. But, legal issues can be complicated.  Sometimes it is best to get professional legal help to deal with complex civil issues. 

This guide is designed to provide you with access to civil legal resources based upon the subject matter of your legal issue, question, or task.  This collection of pages contains contact information for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and public service organizations that may provide civil legal aid. 

This guide will also provide you with links to webpages that provide background information on the legal issues that you may be facing.  Even when professional legal help is necessary, having an understanding of the legal issues before you meet with an attorney can facilitate the time you spend with your lawyer.  

To locate legal assistance, select the box in the "Legal Resources by Subject Matter" page that best describes your legal issue, question, or task and you will be directed to the appropriate legal resources.  Some legal resources are available only in certain geographic areas of the state, and this is noted where it is applicable. 


Please note:  Every attempt is made to keep this information up-to date, but things change!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, please send a message to the CLIC Coordinator at

What are civil legal matters?

"Civil legal matters usually relate to private property rights and involve settling disputes between private individuals."  (Gerald N. Hill & Kathleen Thompson Hill, editors, Nolo's Plain English Law Dictionary 70, CLIC KF156.N654 2009A person can be an individual or a business.  Civil legal matters include employment, probate, divorce, and landlord/tenant issues among many others included in this guide. 

A criminal matter is not a civil matter. "Criminal issues involve an action by a prosecutor employed by the federal, state or local government that charges a person with the commission of a crime.  Crimes are actions that have been defined by the state as deserving punishment, usually imprisonment.  Crimes and their punishments are defined by Congress and state legislatures."  (Gerald N. Hill & Kathleen Thompson Hill, editors, Nolo's Plain English Law Dictionary 107, 108, CLIC KF156.N654 2009)

Low Income or Pro Bono Legal Services in Vermont

Legal Aid has five (5) locations throughout the state of Vermont.  The Statewide Help Line is 1 (800) 889-2047. Vermont Legal Aid currently represents clients in the following legal project areas: Poverty Law, Disability Law, Elder Law, Health Care Advocacy, Housing Discrimination, Long-term Care, and Mental Health. 
  • Burlington - 264 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, VT 05401.  Ph. 1 (800) 747-5022 (Walk-in hours:  Mon. to Thurs, 10am to 12:00pm & 1pm to 4pm.)
  • Montpelier - 56 College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602. Ph. 1 (800) 789-4195 (Walk-in-hours:  Mon. & Wed., 8:30am to 12:00pm & 1pm to 4:30pm.)
  • Rutland - 57 North Main St., Suite 2, Rutland, VT 05701. Ph. 1 (800) 769-7459 (Walk-in hours:  Mon to Fri, 10am to 2pm.)
  • Springfield - 56 Main St., Suite 301, Springfield, VT 05156. Ph. 1 (800) 769-9164 (Walk-in hours:  Mon to Fri, 1pm to 4:30pm)
  • St. Johnsbury - 177 Western Ave., Suite 1, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819.  Ph. 1 (800) 769-6728 (Walk-in-hours:  Mon. to Fri., 12pm to 2pm.)

Note:  Walk-in hours are included above, but are subject to change. It is best to call ahead to check if days and times of service have changed.

Legal Services Vermont - Legal Services Vermont provides free advice or consultation for qualified low-income Vermont residents.  They can be reached by calling 1 (800) 889-2047 or by filling-out the Legal Help Request Form
Geographically limited low-income legal clinics:
  • Community Restorative Justice Center in St. Johnsbury -  serves Caledonia only.   Call (802) 748-2977
  • Orleans County Restorative Justice Center  - Free or low-cost monthly Clinic in Newport, VT - serves the Northeast Kingdom. Local attorneys provide consultations in the areas of housing, divorce, custody, debt collection, and other matters. Call (802) 487-9327 to make an appointment. 
  • South Royalton Legal Clinic - Depending upon the matter serves Orange, Windsor, and Washington counties, and statewide on Immigration and veterans matters. Call (802) 831-1500 or email  Geographic limitations are noted under the specific civil matter. 
ABA Free Legal Answers Vermont - is a free service provided by the American Bar Association that allows qualified individuals to ask volunteer attorneys a specific civil legal question.
Caroline Fund Law Clinic - focuses on providing legal assistance to New Americans and low-income people experiencing problems related to family life and the Family Court system. Call (802) 355-4968 or email
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