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Ebooks at the Julien & Virginia Cornell Library : Ebook Central Support

This guide will help you find, access and download ebooks available in the library.

Ebook Central support

You can find answers to many of your questions about using Ebook Central ebooks on ProQuest's help pages:

Ebook Central Libguide (a how-to guide on printing, downloading, searching within titles and using the new reader)

Contact ProQuest Ebook Central Support:

  • 1-800-889-3358   

Common questions

Can more than one person access a document at a time?

Most documents can be viewed by any number of people at a time.  However, the library has purchased some documents that are available for viewing by only one user (or a certain number of users) at a time. If you try to view one of these documents and it is in use, a pop-up message prompts you to put yourself on a waiting list for the document.

I cannot see the document I clicked on – I just see white space.

Ebook Central displays the document as it was originally printed, so blank pages might appear throughout the document. Documents often begin and end with blank pages. Click ahead or back in the document to ensure you are not just on a blank page in the document.

I am off-campus, why can I not access Ebook Central?

If you experience any problems accessing Ebook Central off campus, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Enable cookies and JavaScript in your browser.
  • Turn off any accelerator software (NetZero High Speed, etc.)
  • If you are using computers from your internship or workplace -- Corporate firewalls could possibly block users from accessing electronic resources. Suggest to your IT/ network administrator to create an exception for as well as *
  • Getting an EZProxy Hostname error? This could indicate a source needs to be added to the VLS Library's database configuration file. Please alert library staff.
  • Still having trouble? Email us. (A screenshot of the error page will be very helpful!)

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