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JULIEN, the library's online catalog: Save and export records

This guide provides an overview of JULIEN, the library's online catalog, as well as information about My Library Account, and its features.

Saving and exporting records from JULIEN

Library users can export records from JULIEN, or save them to the "My Lists" section of their library account.

How to:

    1. Log in to your My JULIEN account.
    2. As you are searching for titles on a particular topic in JULIEN, you can select the titles you are interested in on a browse screen by clicking in the small box next to the title.
    3. When you have finished looking through the results on a particular page, and have clicked in the boxes next to the titles you are interested in, you have three choices: "Save marked records", "Save all on page", and "Add marked to my lists".

  • Save marked records:This will temporarily save (for your current browser session) all the records you have checked on the page. To then view the saved records, click on the “View Saved Records” button at the top of the page. You will get a screen that offers you the option of saving the titles to the screen, which you can then print; saving to disk if you are working on your own computer rather than one in the computer lab; or to be sent to an email address of your choosing.  *Please note that this email may get caught in your email's spam filter; if you do not receive the email after a few minutes, do check your junk mail folder or spam filter program.  After this point, JULIEN no longer saves this information for you.


  • Save all on page:This option will save all the titles on the currently displayed page, rather than just the ones you’ve marked. To view these records, follow the instructions for “Save Marked Records.” Again, after export, JULIEN no longer saves this information for you.


  • Add marked to my lists:This option will actually save the titles you’ve marked to a section of your My JULIEN account called “My Lists.” You can access the titles you’ve selected by clicking on the “My Lists” button in your My JULIEN account. Add to these lists at any time when you are logged in to your account. You can create multiple lists to track titles for different topics.

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