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Cornell Library at Vermont Law & Graduate School

JULIEN, the library's online catalog: My JULIEN Account

This guide provides an overview of JULIEN, the library's online catalog, as well as information about My Library Account, and its features.

Features of My JULIEN

  • View and renew your checked out titles.
  • Place a hold on a checked-out item.
  • Sign up to receive weekly updates of new titles added to the collection in your area of interest.
  • Create lists of titles of interest to you.

How to Log in

From the JULIEN homepage "My Library" dropdown menu, select the My JULIEN login:


  1. Enter your campus email address. For example:
  2. If you know your PIN, enter that on the next line. If you don't know your PIN, click on the "Don't have a PIN? Forgot yours?" link, and follow the instructions to create a PIN.

PINs can be up to 30 characters, and must not contain common trivial patterns (for example, aaaa, ababa, bbbb), nor a set of up to four characters that is repeated two or more times (for example, abab, abcabc, abcdabcd).

NEED HELP?  If you have any problems logging in, or are unable to create a PIN, please contact Lisa Donadio for assistance.

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