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JULIEN, the library's online catalog: Find Articles

This guide provides an overview of JULIEN, the library's online catalog, as well as information about My Library Account, and its features.

Journal Articles

We have access to thousands of online journals available through Lexis, Westlaw, and other major journal vendors who aggregate and index articles and citations.

If you're looking for articles on a particular subject, check for a relevant research guide, which will walk you through the best options for your research.

Finding the Full Text of an Article

A close-up of search results from a database that contains the full text of some articles and only citations for others. We have access to this second article, just not directly from this search.

Most of our databases include the full text of articles, but many of these contain a mix of full text, citations only, and abstracts.

To obtain the full text of an article if you only have a citation:

  1. Check JULIEN using the title of the journal (NOT the title of the article). If we have access to the journal online or in print, it will show up in the catalog.
  2. If we have the journal online and our subscription includes the issue/volume/year that you need, you can click through to it in the catalog.
  3. If we have the journal in print and our coverage includes issue/volume/year that you need, email and we will scan and email the article to you.
  4. If we do not have access to the journal, or to the specific issue/volume/year that you need, we can get a digital copy of the article for you through Interlibrary Loan.
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