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Energy Law and Policy Research: Regulations

Regulations Overview

The work of creating rules and regulations that enforce statutes is done by federal agencies. Agencies interpret and apply their governing statutes to create detailed regulations, which give specific content to statutory intent and provide procedures for implementation and enforcement.

Regulations currently in force are published in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Proposed and final  versions of regulations are published in the daily Federal Register before they appear in the CFR. 

Energy related regulations can be issued by a number of different agencies, so a keyword search in the CFR can  yield relevant results beyond the rules issued by DOE, FERC, etc.  

Energy Agencies

The Department of Energy Organization Act centralized the federal government’s  major energy programs. Some programs reside with other  agencies, including those listed below along with the Title of the CFR where their regulations are located:

Department of Energy -  CFR Title 10

Department of Energy, Federal Acquisitions Regulations System  - CFR  Title 48, much of  Parts 904-951

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission -  CFR  Title 18

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - CFR Title 10

Environmental Protection Agency  -  CFR Title 40

Department of the Interior - CFR Title 43