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Vermont Legal Research for Non-lawyers

Step 5

Write documents or complete forms.

If you are going to complete your legal task for yourself, or if you are representing yourself in court (pro se), you will need to file the appropriate forms and/or documents (applications, motions, pleadings, instruments, witness lists, etc).

To understand what documents to prepare, and how to file or submit your document(s) correctly, look to the Vermont Court Rules. The court rules cover the procedure for each type of legal matter, such as criminal cases, family law, small claims court, appeals process, and much more.


Need help getting started with your document? Forms and templates for some legal tasks and documents can be found in various places, such as:

  • The Vermont Court Rules volumes of the Vermont Statutes Annotated (VSA). Vermont Court Rules is available via Lexis Nexis, if you are on an internet connection with a Vermont IP address. If you are not able to access this link, send a request for the specific form you need to:

  • Other Vermont forms are available in the reference section of the Vermont Law School library, from Westlaw, and from Lexis. Contact us if you need assistance locating a specific form:

  • The Vermont Judiciary Website: Court Forms

  • In the general legal reference books at the Vermont Law School Library. Browse the CLIC reference titles online, and if there is a specific book chapter or form that you would like, you can request it by email: