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Environmental Law, International Env't Law, and EJ Research Guide: Westlaw and Lexis

Use this guide to access the best resources available for environmental law research.


For  effective environmental law research,  you can do one of the following: 

Search for sources as you normally would, including using the Advanced Search option.


Click on Practice Areas and then on  Energy & Environment for an environmental focus.


Type <environmental> into the main search box and note options in the drop down box.

Also note:   Reference Attorneys are available 24/7  by clicking at the bottom of every page,  on Live Chat,  or by clicking on Help. Law Students can call 1-800-850-9378.

By clicking on Help you can access text or video tutorials. Although none of the tutorials deal specifically with Environmental Law, they can be helpful generally when using WestlawNext.




For effective environmental law research,  you can do one of the following:

Search as you normally would. 


Select Environmental Law or Energy & Utilities Law, under Practice Area or Industry for a more environmentally focused search.


Click on Find a Topic to find Sub-topics. Ex., under the Topic  Environmental Law, are sub-topics such as Air Quality,  Climate Change, Land Use/Zoning, Natural Resources, Water Quality, etc. Add the sub-topic as a search filter and enter a search query.

Also note:  Research and tech support are available 24/7 by clicking More (at the top of every page) to  Help  or to Live Support.  The toll-free help number is 1-800-45-LEXIS.

The Help button and Support folder on the main page link to tutorials, etc.  Although none deal specifically with Environmental Law, they can be helpful.



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