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Environmental Law, International Env't Law, and EJ Research Guide: Congressional Research Service Reports

Use this guide to access the best resources available for environmental law research.

Congressional Research Service Reports

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports are well-researched, in-depth, non-partisan reports prepared for Members of Congress and Congressional committees. CRS experts approach complex topics from a variety of perspectives and provide insightful and comprehensive analysis.


CRS Bill Summaries (current Congressional session only): summary documents for selected introduced bills from the current Congressional session.

Congressional Research Servixe

The Congressional Research Service maintains its own database of reports, though the exact coverage is unclear. Note that by default, searches are confined to report title and author. To search the documents' full text, run a regular search and then select the "Include full text" box above the search results.


HeinOnline's CRS Reports collection contains more than 60,000 documents. 

Federation of American Scientists

The Federation of American Scientists' collection of Congressional Research Reports provides current, regularly updated public access to as many non-confidential reports as possible. Updated frequently.

National Agricultural Law Center

Environmental- and agriculture-focused CRS Reports organized in useful categories and subcategories. This site only contains reports from 2017 or earlier.


EveryCRSReport includes more than 21,000 CRS reports sourced from Congress's internal website ad the University of North Texas's CRS collection.

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