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Online Students' Library Services Guide

Information about Vermont Law School's Cornell Library and the services we offer to our online students

General Info

Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law is through unique logins that you create. You will be sent codes for each service at the beginning of your time as a VLS student.

If you need assistance logging into any of these services, contact Chenfang Yang, our Electronic Resources & Technology Librarian.


Lexis Advance, Westlaw Edge, and to a lesser extent, Bloomberg Law are all vast databases that contain millions of documents and offer powerful search features. We highly recommend obtaining at least some training on each service. Even a short orientation before diving in will save you a tremendous amount of time.

Each company offers some training materials (note that you may need to be logged in to a service to access its training tools).

In addition, you can reach out to our Lexis and Westlaw representatives, whose contact info can be found on the front page of each service.