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Online Students' Library Services Guide

Information about Vermont Law School's Cornell Library and the services we offer to our online students

How Document Delivery Works

Document delivery is a service that we offer our non-residential online students who need something from our print collection because it is not available to the VLS community online. Subject to copyright law, we will scan and email you any items that you need from our print collection. In practice, this means that we can send you:

  • An article from a journal
  • A chapter or passage of a book, subject to a 30-page limit
  • Other works of a manageable size that are out of copyright, such as U.S. government publications

To request a scan of something from the VLS library collection, send an email to with the specifics of what you need (title, author, volume, pages, etc. as applicable).

How ILL Works

Items that can be sent electronically

Non-residential online students can use the VLS Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system to request items from other libraries that can be sent electronically. You would use the VLS ILL system to request articles, book chapters, and other items that VLS does not own or have access to.

To do so, see the Interlibrary Loan page on our website.


Items that have to be physically shipped

If you need an item that VLS does not have access to and which would violate copyright law to scan (an entire book, for example), you will need to use the ILL services of a library near you to request it. In this situation, that library's policies would apply. Most public libraries in the United States offer some form of ILL services to their patrons; check with your local one to see if there are request limits or fees.