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Vermont Law Research Guide: Vermont Constitution

Vermont Law legal research guide highlighting free electronic resources as well as print format and subscription options

Vermont Constitution Text

Free electronic access to unannotated Vermont constitutions

Vermont Statutes Online - Constitution (1793-)

Vermont Secretary of State - Vermont State Records and Archives Administration (1777, 1786, 1793-)

The Avalon Project - Vermont Colonial Charters (1777, 1786, as well as 1791 state admisssion document)

The Library of Congress - Vermont (1777, 1786, 1793-, as well as 1791 state admisssion document)

Annotated text of the current Vermont constitution is included in the first volume of the Vermont Statutes, available throuigh electronic subscriptions or print format subscriptions

Vermont Statutes Annotated. Charlottesville, VA: LexisNexis, 1958-.

West's Vermont Statutes Annotated: using the classification and numbering system of the Vermont Statutes as amended. St Paul, MN: Thomson West, 2007-.

Sources about the Vermont Constitution

Records of the Council of Censors of the State of Vermont. Gilles, Paul, and D. Gregory Sanford, editors. Montpelier, Vt.: Secretary of State, 1991. [Includes The Annotated Vermont Constitution (1991)]

Vermont Office of the Secretary of State. Amending the Vermont Constitution