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Legislative History Research (Federal): Hearings

Locating the Text of Hearings

When bills are introduced, they are referred to the committee having jurisdiction over that area of legislation, which often holds public hearings to gather testimony, opinions, and information regarding the legislation. Witnesses, who are often experts, make valuable and well-documented presentations, which include analysis from uniquely informed perspectives.​

The text of hearings can be found in a number of resources  including  often on individual committee websites, and on those recommended and listed below. 

Hearings are also normally included in Compiled Legislative Histories.  


Westlaw provides the following:

U.S. Congressional Testimony includes elected coverage, 1993- ; and increased coverage 1996-

U.S.  Political Transcripts includes oral testimony from congressional committee hearings among other transcripts,  1994-

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law provides the following:

Hearings in PDF  1995 -  In All Legal Content, type "transcripts" into the Select Sources box. Filter from the drop down menu. 

Lexis Advance

Lexis provides the following:

Congressional Hearings  1824 -   (In the main search box, type "committee hearings" Select Congressional Hearings 1824 - from the sources listed in the drop down menu)

CQ Congressional Testimony 1993 -   (In the main search box, type "committee reports" Select CQ Congressional Testimony  from the sources listed in the drop down menu)


ProQuest Congressional

ProQuest Congressional provides:

Hearings, 1834 -

Go to Advanced Search, select Hearings 1834 - Present.                                        Recommended: When searching, use the "All fields including full text" option, from the pull down search menu. 


HeinOnline provides: 

Hearings, 1927 - In the  U.S. Congressional Documents collection.

FDSys and GovInfo

FDSys and GovInfo provide:

Congressional Hearings, 1993-,  with selected Hearings 1985-