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Legislative History Research (Federal): Reports

Locating the Text of Reports

The text of reports can be found in a number of resources  including those recommended and listed below. Reports are also  sometimes found on committee web sites and also are contained within  Compiled Legislative Histories.   


Westlaw provides the following:

Legislative History - United States Code  All congressional committee reports, 1990 -            

 Also selected reports, 1948 -1989

Lexis Advance

Lexis provides the following:

Committee Reports  1989-   (In the main search box, type "committee reports" Select Committee Reports  from the sources listed in the drop down menu)

Physically in the VLS LIbrary

USCCAN (U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News     All congressional committee reports, 1990 -                              Also, selected reports, 1948 -1989​                         Main Collection KF48 .W45

ProQuest Congressional

ProQuest Congressional provides:

House and Senate Reports 1817 - 

Go to Advanced Search, select  House and Senate Reports 1817 - Present.  Recommended: When searching, use the "All fields including full text" option, from the pull down search menu. 



HeinOnline provides: 

Reports included in the U.S.Federal Legislative History Library. provides: 

Text of Committee Reports, 1995-

FDSys, GovInfo and the Library of Congress

FDSys and GovInfo provide:

Text of Committee Reports, 1995 -

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